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Can you believe it?  We forgot to get a group photo!



Can you believe it?  We forgot to get a group photo AGAIN!

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…and from 2006, the strange story of Mountain Croquet:

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 10:10:55 -0700
From: chig <higgins.charles@>
To: Stephen Peters <sbp@>
Subject: more croquet

So I’m on Mt. Rainer yesterday being this sorta of support person for my friend Tori’s ride on RamRod and I’m sitting at one of the rest stops WAY up toward the top of the mountain watching the 700 riders go by when this SUV pulls up. The driver and a kid get out of the thing and run over to a place close to where the road and scenic parking lot meet and puts up this free standing wicket and croquet ball. The guy goes back to the SUV the kid goes to the bathroom and fills up his super soak and secrects himself behind a rock wall near the ball and wicket. After a bit this 50 something over weight guy comes jogging up the mountain with a croquet mallet gets to the ball, wacks it through the wicket and runs to the truck, slowed only by the kids super soaker ambush from behind the stone wall. The runner takes a bit of a water break and then continues to run on up the mountain road. As the SUV crew collects the artifacts I ask them what that was all about, thinking of my croquet famous friend in PDX and he told me the guy is playing a game of croquet all around the mountain as he jogs around the mountain. about a 100 mile jaunt. Just made me think about you so thought I would pass it along





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Additional photos by the Queen of Hearts can be found here: http://home.comcast.net/~playaitch/mon7.htm