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Welcome to our media archive.

Our photos go back to 1997.  We are always looking to add to the archive.  If you are interested in contributing to the visual history of Mondo Croquet, please contact us.  This is still an unpaid labor of love, so things are missing and not presented as perfectly as I’d prefer, but we do what we can.

Mondo Croquet Takes over North Park Blocks, as described by The Oregonian newspaper in 2010. (PDF version)

Bowling balls and sledgehammers whack Mondo Croquet into North Park Blocks, The Oregonian 2015. (PDF version)

Cheshire Cat, white rabbit and friends attend Mad Tea Party in Portland, The Oregonian April, 2015 (PDF version)

KGW Channel 8 mentions us:

Conch and Maudlin’s ongoing grudge match:

Mondo Croquet in Marquette Michigan:

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