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The What, Where and How

Bowling balls

There are a number of places to pick up bowling balls:

  • Garage / yard sales – I generally won’t pay more than $5
  • Thrift shops – at the Goodwill Outlets (aka “The Bins”) a ball is $2 instead of by weight.  In general I still look to spend no more than $5.
  • Bowling alleys – sometimes they will sell used balls and sometimes their Pro shop may have a miss-drilled ball to unload.  Call and ask!


  • Currently there is no regulation Mondo Croquet sledgehammer.  Most typically players are using a 6, 8 or 10 lb sledge purchased from your local friendly hardware store.  You are welcome to use any weight hammer that works the best for you.

Hoops – and Making Them

  • Mondo Croquet hoops are commonly made out of rebar which has been bent around a telephone pole.
  • Your local hardware store may have rebar, Home Depot has a good selection pre-cut, and you can always find a local company that will cut you as many lengths of whatever size you’d like.
  • A three-foot length is a bit short, four foot is about right.  Thin gauge is fine.
  • How do you bend them?  I use two pipes and bend the rebar around a handy telephone pole.  Click here to see Aaron showing you how!  There is no regulation hoop size.  They just have to be big enough for a bowling ball to pass through.