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Game on! Portland, July 13th 2024

Need to get some practice before the big day? Or perhaps you’d just like to relax in our wonderful early summer weather? Good news!

Mondo Croquet – Saturday, July 13th, noon until we stop.

Where? Beautiful Peninsula Park in North Portland: https://www.portland.gov/parks/peninsula-park

Ok, where in the park? I haven’t reserved anything, so the area is first-come, first-serve. The plan is to be in the park around the intersection of N. Albina and N. Holman. If we get bumped elsewhere in the park you’ll find us. We’re hard to miss.

What? You should know the drill by now. Bring a chair, some snacks to share and prepare to be jolly good. We dress appropriately (or appropriately inappropriate) for the World Championships, but feel free to be casual for this game.

Do I need? A bowling ball or sledgehammer? If you have them, bring ‘m but don’t worry. We’ve got extras to loan out and we’ve never run short.

Who do I call? Me, Lord Peters. 503-575-0815.

For you Facebook types: https://www.facebook.com/events/1195499048146914/

What’s the last word?