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Summer Lake Slack-Off, September 4-7, 2021

M’lords and Ladies, let me present to you the Summer Lake Slack-Off.

It’s like going to Burning Man, without having to go to Burning Man. From September 3rd through about September 8th the usual suspects will be slacking off at Summer Lake Hot Springs in Paisley, Oregon. What are we going to do while we’re there? Slack off, of course!

Summer Lake Hot Springs is about half-way from Gerlack and the Portland/Seattle areas. Every year a whole bunch of Burners spend a night or two to recover and the place is ready for them. In addition to the hot springs for soaking, they have a large, comfy hippy-ish common building with kitchen for slacking off.

Tent and RV space starts at $25/night. There are a number of comfy cabins in addition to the tent/RV spaces and they are largely booked up right now, so don’t delay if you desire that option. These are really small towns, and this is their busiest season so don’t be surprised to find everything booked up if you wait too long. Here are some options I know about:


I just spoke with the people who run the hot springs. They say they will *NOT* be open for “day use”, to get in the springs you’ll need a reservation at either the hot springs, or their motel in Paisley: The Paisley Sage Rooms.

COVID NOTE: I’m writing this in March of 2021. Current predictions are that we should all pretty much be vaccinated by mid-summer, so let’s hope life will have returned to normal. If we still need to take COVID precautions, Summer Lake Hot Springs has lots of room for social distancing.

Get a taste of the Burning Man spirit without all the time, expense and discomfort! Looking for more information, status, updates, rebates, reprobates? Check out the Facebook event and/or contact Lord Peters.

Safeway in Lakeview, Oregon