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World Championships! August 2nd, 2020

Update: …and a lovely time was had by all.
Click here to see the photos!

August 2nd, 2020  Our 23rd Mondo Croquet World Championships, Mad Hatter Picnic and Face Covering Fashion Show!

Is this man having fun?

When: August 2nd, High Noon until about 3pm

Where: Westmoreland Park Sports Fields

(Click here for a Google Map)

Normally we’d be jousting in our traditional spot in the North Park Blocks, but with the troubles going on down there, we are relocating for 2020.  Questions?  Call / text Lord Peters at 503-575-0815.


  • Face coverings!  Show off your best!  Show your best presentation and bring home the prize.
  • Bring a bowling ball and a sledgehammer.  Don’t worry if you don’t have, we’ve got plenty of extras to loan out
  • You’ll enjoy yourself more if you’re dressed appropriately in lawn whites, or Mad Hatter gear, or simply appropriately inappropriate.  Peruse some of our photos for ideas.
  • Bring along something to share for the picnic and something cold to drink.
  • …and you might want a chair.

It’s a smashing time.  Tell your friends!  Taunt your enemies!

This is the word from the trenches:

Well lovers… it’s been a hard year.  

Yet, we must keep a stiff upper lip, mussent grumble.  
There’s a war on, you know.  Let’s support the boys at the front with good spirits back here at the home front, wot?!

Tally ho then, spit spot.  Face coverings, the Queen is doing it so shall we.  Social distancing?  We are mostly nerds and don’t like talking to other people anyway.

Tell my wife I love her.