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Mondo Croquet – September 28th




2013 group photo



Lord Peters



Time for some Mondo Croquet!


Sunday’s game will be played as a celebration of the life of Dr. Steven Fritz who was killed in a car accident on the 24th.

In fact, we’ve been requested to play as part of his memorial service, which officially starts at 5pm.

  • When: Sunday, September 28th, 4 pm
  • Where: The west side of Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 4th ave between Madison and Jefferson

Bring a bowling ball and a sledgehammer if you have them.  If you don’t have, don’t worry.  I’ve got plenty of extra.

Dr. Fritz, you will be missed.

Steven Fritz


Need more info?

Contact me: lordpeters@tikimojo.com or 503.575.0815


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